The Wreck of the Titanic

from a message posted to the RMS Titanic mailing list

'Twas on the fifteenth of April in the morning at one o'clock,
When all on board were sunk in sleep she ran into a rock,
To hear the cries of wild dispair twould make for you to weep.
And those loud cries of anguish as they sank into the deep..

Oh heavens twas an awful sight the struggle there for life,
The mother parted from the child, the husband from the wife,
The billows raged the breakers roared, and o'er the vessel tore,
And washed o'rboard those human beings to sink and rise no more...

So hard it is for to discribe all that they suffered there,
The men and women rushed on deck with wild cries of dispair,
And some climbed up the rigging, for so we had been told,
And after hours of suffering they died there in the cold...

One man escaped into a boat with terror looked behind,
And treembling there upon the deck he saw his wife so kind,
"Without my wife I cannot live, so with her I will die,
And I hope we soon will meet again before the lord on high"...

And when the news had reached New York, twould grieve your heart full sore,
To see the people cry and weep, for their friends they'll see no more,
The office of the White Star in crowds they did surround,
To see if news from those they loved could anywhere be found...

To see the aged mother it would melt your heart with pain,
"Where is my loving daughter, shall I ne'er see her again",
And the tender hearted sister with sorrow she did cry,
"Must my kind and loving brother in the ocean's bosum lie?"

The poor old feeble father with grief he tore his hair,
"Must I ne'er see forevermore my sons and daughters fair?"
Now to conclude my teary song I've one more thing to say,
Ye kind and tender christians I hope you'll for them pray...

(Collected in 1939 in Codroy, Newfoundland. It is likely that this song was based upon an earlier one about another ship wreck.)

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