Ocean Planet: Writings and Images of the Sea

Table of Contents:

Foreword                      Michael Heyman
Introduction                  Judith Gradwohl, Smithsonian Institution

VISIONS OF THE SEA            Peter Benchley
Wayfarers All                 Kenneth Grahame
The Sea Has No Generosity     Joseph Conrad
The Enduring Sea              Rachel Carson
The Star Thrower              Loren Eiseley
Beach Walk                    John P. Wiley, Jr.

SEAFARERS                     Peter Benchley
Singlehander                  Ann Davison
Women's Work
Ma'Kuliwa                     Charles Zerner
Charms and Rituals
Nautical Sayings
A Hard Life                   Peter Matthiessen
A Rotten Ship                 John McPhee
Legends and Customs of the Sea

DISCOVERY                     Peter Benchley
On the Gulf Stream            Benjamin Franklin
A Dark and Luminous Blue      William Beebe
Deep Waters
Ocean Facts
Aqualung                      Jacques-Yves Cousteau with Fredric Dumas
The Sunlit Zone
A Field of Worms              Joseph Cone
Forms of Life
Marine Life
Whale Strandings              Jan DeBlieu
Return to the Sea
Mapping the Seabed            James Hamilton-Paterson

OCEANS IN PERIL               Peter Benchley
Minimata                      Asae Fukuda
Dumping at Sea
Threats to the Ocean
Bernie Fowler Day             Tom Horton
Coastal Development
Oceans of Garbage             Tim Benton
Death  Balloon
For Want of Fish to Catch     Farley Mowat
Heavy Fishing
Habitat Is Where It's At      Brad Matsen
A Place to Live
Help for Ocean Planet

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