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Since many of these links are to outside resources, there is a chance that they will no longer be available
Last update September 2004

Squid Resources

  1. Google search on Giant Squid
  2. Cephalopods in Action from the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
  3. Smithsonian's Department of Invertebrate Zoology
  4. Giant Squid at the American Musueum of Natural History
  5. Giant Squid Arrives in New York
  6. The EuroSquid page
  7. Directory of Cephalopod Researchers Around the World
  8. Cephalopoda - Tree of Life
  9. BIOSYS - Mollusca - Internet Resource Guide for Zoology
  10. National Resource Center for Cephalopods
  11. Cephalopod International Advisory Council - CIAC
  12. Architeuthis dux from the Animal Diversity Web
  13. Architeuthis harveyi from the Animal Diversity Web
  14. Taningi danea from the Animal Diversity Web
  15. The Squidpage
  16. Neuroscience for Kids - Action Potential
  17. Cephalopods from the British Columbia Creature Page
  18. Marine Invertebrates - Natural History Museum (UK)
  19. Scientists Close in on Elusive Giant Squid by William J. Broad
  20. Science Web Quest - SQUID
  21. A collection of Squid Recipes
  22. Peru Giant Squid - Auction Price
  23. Squid Trade in Falklands
  24. The Giant Squid from the Museum of Unnatural Mystery
  25. The Kraken from the Museum of Unnatural Mystery
  26. The Giant Squid from CryptoZoo
  27. Laughing Squid - cultural propagation catalyst
  28. Andrew's Squid Page
  29. All Things Considered...New Gigantic Squid Spotted Worldwide - NPR Dec. 20, 2001
  30. NPR Programs related to Giant Squid
  31. Giant Squid - Sea Monsters - readings in life science
  32. Giant Squid Jets - a good lesson plan
  33. Giant squid: Facts and fiction from University of Aberdeen
  34. Year of the Ocean Poster from NOAA including a section on the Deep Sea
  35. Giant squid from Occultopedia
  36. THE KRAKEN - by Alfred Tennyson
  37. The Octopus News Magazine Online
  38. Architeuthis reproduction, with notes on basic anatomy and behavior - by Steve O'Shea
  39. Giant Squid Fact Sheet

Squid-related Articles, Papers Websites and Books

Since many of these links are to outside resources, there is a chance that they will no longer be available
  1. He Seeks the Giant Squid from Popular Science
  2. The Hunt for Giant Squid from Sea Frontiers
  3. The Giant Squid from Highlights for Children
  4. Testing Waters to Learn more about Giant Squid from USA TODAY
  5. An interview with Richard Ellis from Salon
  6. Giant squid 'attacks French boat'
  7. Super squid surfaces in Antarctic
  8. Squid from Herman Melville's Moby Dick
  9. Squid from Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  10. Photo of squid from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  11. Quest for the Giant Squid
  12. Garbo Of The Deep - Zero baud May 23, 1996
  13. 'New species' of giant squid found - 22 July, 2002 - BBC News
  14. Trawler nets giant squid- 14 January, 2002 - BBC News
  15. Scientists reveal monster secrets - 14 February, 2000 - BBC News
  16. Big squid breaks record - 3 July, 2000 - BBC News
  17. 'Mystery' squid delights scientists - 21 December, 2001 - BBC News
  18. Giant octopus puzzles scientists - 28 March, 2002 - BBC News
  19. Program tracks whales in hunt for giant squid February 1997
  20. Squid Pro Quo - Giant Squid at Melbourne Museum - Feb. 2001
  21. Giant Squid Found Off Spanish Coast - August, 2001
  22. Giant squid washes up on beach - July 22, 2002 - CNN
  23. Humongous Squid Washes Up on Australian Beach - July 22, 2002 - ABC News
  24. Interview with Clyde Roper - July 4, 1998
  25. STILL SEARCHING - interview with Clyde Roper from PBS
  26. Incredible Suckers - PBS Broadcast
  27. Into the Deep - Wisconsin Public Radio broadcast
  28. Scientist leads deep-sea expedition in search of the giant squid
  29. Search for elusive giant squid set to begin - Discovery Channel Canada story
  30. Super squid surfaces in Antarctic - 2 April 2003 from BBC
  31. Deep Sea Monster squid found - 3 April 2003 from CNN
  32. Giant Squid Washes Ashore In Tasmania - July 2002
  33. Super squid surfaces in Antarctic
  34. Weird" New Squid Species Discovered in Deep Sea- December 20, 2001
  35. Worldwide Observations of Remarkable Deep-Sea Squids - recent Science paper on deep sea squid including video clips
  36. Envisat fishes up facts behind Chilean giant squid invasion
  37. The Squid Hunter by David Grann in the New Yorker magazine
  38. Getting Ink An interview with David Grann from the New Yorker magazine
  39. Tire-sized calamari rings? Half-ton squid reeled in - CNN: 21 Feb. 2007

Photographs and Video Clips

  1. Public dissection of giant squid 11 July, 2008 90 minute video from the Melbourne Museum
  2. Scientists get their giant squid at last. . . but killed it in the struggle December 23, 2006
  3. Researchers catch giant squid December 22, 2006
  4. First-ever observations of a live giant squid in the wild Proceedings of the Royal Society. Sept. 2005
  5. Giant squid snapped in the deep NATURE 28 September 2005
  6. Scientists photograph giant squid CNN September 28, 2005
  7. First pics show a very active giant squid September 28 2005
  8. Deep-sea monster caught on tape - video of newly discovered 'giant' squid
  9. Quest for the Giant Squid - Discovery Channel Special
  10. Unknown deep-sea squid recorded by Tiburon - from MBARI
  11. Photovault images of Nautiluses, Octopods, Squid, Cuttlefish
  12. Photograph of Clyde Roper with Smithsonian Squid
  13. Giant Squid Stories on the Discovery Channel

Squid as an Art form

  1. Giant Squid - from the film "Incredible Suckers"
  2. Sperm Whale Struggling with a Giant Squid
  3. Kraken Stamps

In Search of Giant Squid

Ocean Planet Exhibition Floorplan

Smithsonian Giant Squid Overview Page

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