Squid: The Inside Story

How does a squid reproduce?

It takes two

Females release thousands of transparent eggs in jelly-like strands into the water.

Take a close look at a developing squid, or paralarva. It looks like a miniature adult.

Males produce long tubes, or spermataphores, filled with millions of sperm. Most species have a modified arm for depositing these in or on the female. This spermataphore cluster is implanted on the head of a female (Abraliopsis sp.). No wonder scientists are puzzled as to how squid eggs get fertilized!

Photo Credits: Clyde F.E. Roper/National Museum of Natural History

A female squid lays eggs through a series of steps involving a number of different body parts:

Eggs produced...Eggs released...Eggs packaged...Eggs laid
OvaryOviductNidamental glandFunnel

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