Wendy Weir

Wendy Weir is active in the environmental, indigenous people, and educational areas. A former financial executive for twenty years, Wendy now divides her time between her art and the development and marketing of environmental education programs and products for elementary school teachers and children. Her first illustrated children's book with audiocassette tape, Panther Dream A Story of the African Rainforest (Hyperion Books for Children, 1991), which she created with her brother Bob Weir, received "The Children's Book Council Award for the l991 Outstanding Children's Book in the Field of Social Studies". As a result of the research she did for their second children's book, Baru Bay (scheduled for release by Hyperion Books for Children in Spring 1995), Wendy became a Founding Director of Coral Forest, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs around the world. Wendy has spoken at financial and educational conferences around the United States. Her other interests include horseback riding, scuba diving and hiking. She is a resident of San Francisco. California.

The Story behind Baru Bay

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