Where Are You?

Pre-Visit Activity

Learning Objectives



Where Are You? Key

        Map              - Ocean Planet Link

a.      Bahamas          - dive site for the Johnson Sea Link
b.      Bali             - temple for fisherman's safe return
c.      Bering Sea       - king crab fishing
d.      Chesapeake Bay   - nursery grounds for the Atlantic Ocean
e.      Denmark Strait   - underwater marine waterfall
f.      Great Lakes      - colonized by zebra mussels
g.      Gulf Stream      - warm current off the eastern coast of the U.S.
h.      Ignacio Colorado - Margit Hentschel organized an oil recycling program
i.      Lamu, Kenya      - fishing charm
j.      Marshall Island  - navigation stick chart
k.      Maine            - lobster fishing
l.      Mariana Trench   - deepest point in the ocean at 6.8 miles
m.      Mauna Kea        - highest mountain on earth rises 33,465 feet from the sea floor
n.      Mid-Ocean Ridge  - longest mountain chain, stretching 46,000 miles
o.      Newfoundland     - cod declines
p.      N.Y/N.J Beaches  - medical wastes
q.      Nike shoes       - spilled from a cargo ship May 1990
r.      Peru             - El Nino
s.      Scandinavia      - cod liver oil
t.      Solomon Island   - shark priest's fishing boat

Ocean Planet Exhibition Floorplan

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