The JASON Project

Mathematics Objectives:

A. Incorporation of Performance Standards as Tasks
     The student will perform mathematics skills:
        1. Measure
                 Produce scale diagrams.
                 Understand and use both non-standard and
                    standard units.
                 Understand the metric system of measurement.
                 Choose the appropriate units in a given situation.
                 Determine the best device for a particular measurement.
                 Understand the validity and usefulness of accurate
                    measurements but acknowledge that no measurement is
       2. Create and use patterns and functions
                 Describe, extend, analyze, and create a wide variety of
                 Describe and represent relationships with tables, graphs
                    rules and models.
                 Analyze functional relationships to explain how a
                    change in one quantity results in a change in another.
                 Use patterns and functions to represent and solve
       3. Use Statistics
                 Systematically collect, organize, and describe data.
                 Construct, read, and interpret tables, charts, and graphs.
                 Make inferences and convincing arguments that are
                    based on data analysis.
                 Evaluate arguments that are based on data analysis.
                 Develop an appreciation for statistical methods as
                    powerful means for decision-making.

B. Incorporation of Knowledge Standards
     The student will understand that certain fundamental concepts, or
     themes  cut across mathematics as a subject area:
       1. Organization: Mathematics by definition involves organization
          of numerical concepts.
       2. Systems and Interactions: Numerical accuracy is relative to a
          given context.
       3. Change: A change in one variable affects another.


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