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Technology Objectives:

A. Incorporation of Performance Standards as Tasks
     The student will be able to use technological literacy to:
        1. Describe electronic communications.
                 Explain encoding (including digital vs. analog) and data
                 Explain modes of transmission, including fiber optics and
                     radio frequencies.
                 Explain the functions and applications of electronic
        2. Describe sensing, including its use in data collection.
        3. Describe robotics.
                 Explain robotics as a surrogate for human action.
                 Explain the cooperation between machines and humans.
                 Explain electromechanical systems.
                 Explain control and automation.
        4. Analyze space modes and communication systems.
                 Describe unmanned space vehicles, including missiles,
                 satellites, telescopes, space probes, and their applications.

B. Incorporation of Knowledge Standards
     The student will understand that certain fundamental concepts, or
     themes  cut across technology as a subject area:
        1. Organization: Technology incorporates different systems that
           are integrated to provide some function.
        2. Limitations: Fundamental physical laws (including those
           relating to time and space) constrain technical solutions.
        3. Systems and Interactions: Technology amplifies, expands, and
           creates new abilities to communicate and to effect change in
           the world.
        4. Change: Technology undergoes rapid change in terms of


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