JASON VI: Island Earth Curriculum Outline


Lesson 4.1 Island Life

Activity One: Life

Exercise A: The "Mystery" of Life
Exercise B: Testing for Life on Mars
Exercise C: If Earth Were an Apple

Activity Two: Communities

Exercise A: The Island Sweepstakes
Exercise B: Where Did the Nene Come From?
Exercise C: Of Birds, Bees, and Pollination

Lesson 4.2 Land, Oceans, and Atmospheres

Activity One: Global Change

Exercise A: How Do Paleobotanists Study Ancient Climates
Exercise B: Volcanic Eruptions and Global Climate Change
Exercise C: Analyzing Greenhouse Gases and Global Temperature Data Over Time
Exercise D: What If Sea Levels Rise

Activity Two: Hawai`i-A Case Study

Exercise A: Sea Surface Temperature, Water Currents, and Formation of Phytoplankton
Exercise B: What Can One Lobster Tell Us?

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