JASON VI: Island Earth Curriculum Outline


Lesson 1.1 What is an Island? Where Are Islands Found?

Activity One: Our Solar System and Planet Earth as Islands

Exercise A: The Discovery of New Planets-Is There Life Out There?
Exercise B: Modeling the Solar System
Exercise C: What Is a Light-Year?
Exercise D: How Old Am I in Space?
Evaluative Exercise: Alien Mission

Activity Two: Hawai`i and Its Ecological Zones as Islands

Exercise A: An Island Is Born
Exercise B: Hawaiian Tim-Frame Clock
Exercise C: Topography of Hawai`i
Exercise D: Ecological Zones of Hawai`i

Activity Three: Discovering the Islands of Hawai`i

Exercise A: What Time Is It?
Exercise B: Charting the Beginning
Exercise C: What Did You Say?
Evaluative Exercise: Ticket to Hawai`i

Lesson 1.2 Meet the Team

Activity One: A Forum for Exchanging Research Information

Exercise A: JASON Journal
Exercise B: Opportunities for Assessment

Activity Two: JASON Projects Past and Present

Exercise A: What We Learned From JASON I-V
Exercise B: Telepresence
Exercise C: JASON Project Careers
Exercise D: JASON VI Host Researchers

Lesson 1.3 Monitoring Volcanoes on Earth

Activity One: The Eruption of Kilauea: Still Going...and Going...

Exercise A: Kilauea's "Plumbing" System
Exercise B: Dike Structures
Exercise C: Particulate Traps
Exercise D: Evaluative Exercise-Particulate Trap Design Contest

Activity Two: Seismographs, Tiltmeters, and Gas Analysis

Exercise A: Seismicity
Exercise B: Tiltmeters
Exercise C: Gas Analysis

Lesson 1.4 Studying Volcanism On Io

Activity One: Observing Volcanoes on Io

Exercise A: Occultations and Eclipses
Exercise B: Infrared Light
Exercise C: Determining Boiling Points
Exercise D: Looking Through a Spectroscope
Evaluative Exercise: Mapping Volcanoes on Io

Lesson 1.5 Hawaiian Biology

Activity One:Speciation and Adaptive Radiation

Exercise A: Morphology
Exercise B: Behavior
Exercise C: DNA Gene Sequences
Evaluative Exercise: Families of Spiders

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