JASON VI: Island Earth Curriculum Outline


Lesson 3.1 Earth on the Move

Activity One: Putting the Pieces Together

Exercise A: If Earth Were an Egg
Exercise B: Plate Movement
Exercise C: Convection Currents
Exercise D: Hot Spots
Evaluative Exercise: Piecing it Together

Lesson 3.2 Explosions and Eruptions

Activity One: How Does Magma Move? What Happens to It?

Exercise A: Moving Upward by Buoyancy, Density, and Pressure
Exercise B: Ingredients for an Explosion-High Gas and Silica Content
Exercise C: Lava Flows
Exercise D: Types of Volcanoes
Evaluative Exercise: Stages of Hawaiian Volcano Development

Lesson 3.3 Volcanism in the Solar System

Activity One: Extraterrestrial Volcanism

Exercise A: Volcanism on Celestial Bodies

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