JASON VI: Island Earth Curriculum Outline


Lesson 2.1 Collecting Information from Space

Activity One: Robots in Space

Exercise A: What Jobs for Robots?
Exercise B: The "Feedback Loop"
Exercise C: Planetary Probes, Workhorses of the Solar System
Exercise D: How Do Probes Get to Space
Exercise E: Put It There-Building a Manipulator Arm
Exercise F: Time-Delay to Jupiter and Back
Exercise G: Sending Home the Information
Exercise H: You Make the Call-Which Robot?
Exercise I: How Do Sensors View the Earth?
Exercise J: Constructing a Mosaic

Activity Two: Telescopes

Exercise A: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Exercise B: Refraction of Visible Light
Exercise C: Infrared Radiation-How Do We Know It's There?
Exercise D: How Can Light Be Put To Work?
Exercise E: Types of Telescopes
Exercise F: Building a Telescope and Putting It to Use

Lesson 2.2 Earth-Based Communications

Activity One: Backbone of the JASON Project and Information Superhighway

Exercise A: Fiber-Optics
Exercise B: Geosynchronous Satellites
Exercise C: Simulating Orbits
Exercise D: Revolution Times of Satellites
Exercise E: Pulse Codes
Exercise F: Parabolic Dish Receivers
Exercise G: Compressed Digital Video
Exercise H: Signals From the Expedition Site
Exercise I: TV Production

Activity Two: Internet Basics

Exercise A: Tracing the Path to the Internet
Exercise B: Using the Internet: Tasks and Tools

Lesson 2.3 Here's Looking at the Comet Impact on Jupiter

Activity One: Technology Poster Session

Exercise A: Jupiter and the Impact of the S-L9 Comet Fragments

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