JASON VI: Island Earth
Expedition Broadcast on the Internet
Date: Thursday 9 March 1995
Time: 1300 EST (1800 UTC)

March 7, 1995      
Madelyn Smith or David Roscow

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - Internet users with access to the MBONE will for the first time have an opportunity to watch a live JASON Project multicast on Thursday, March 9, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm EST. A unique, interactive learning adventure, the JASON Project's mission is to excite and engage students in science and technology.

JASON Project Voyage VI: Island Earth started on February 27 in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and will continue through March 11, 1995. Led by Titanic-discoverer Dr. Bob Ballard, the JASON Project team of scientists, teachers and students will analyze air, soil and molten lava samples to understand how the Earth is an island in the vast universe, just like Hawaii is an island in the ocean. Through advanced telecommunications technology called "telepresence," 500 hundred thousand students at satellite downlink locations around the world are able to participate in the expedition, live as it is happening.

A virtual network, the MBONE is an emerging technology that works on the Internet and carries video,audio and data signals in real time. The MBONE enables users at any site to become broadcasters themselves. Since this includes infinite locations, broadcasting is refered to as "multicasting." To join the MBONE, contact your network provider.

JASON Online Systems provide expedition reports, research findings, curriculum updates, and links to other electronic resources for science and education on the Internet for those who don't have the hardware or software ability to join the MBONE. The system is currently comprised of three major components: JASON News and Discussion Groups; the JASON Gopher; and, the JASON Homepage on the World Wide Web.

The JASON Foundation for Education is an international forum for teachers, researchers, students and others, providing unique opportunities for science, education and teacher training. A unique alliance of public, private and non-profit organizations are supporting the JASON Foundation for Education. EDS Corporation, a founding sponsor, is the technology provider to the JASON Project. Other sponsors include Bechtel Foundation, the National Geographic Society, Sprint and the United States Department of Education.

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