JASON VI: Island Earth
Expedition Broadcast on the Internet
Date: Thursday 9 March 1995
Time: 1300 EST (1800 UTC)

This announcement was distributed to the rem-conf and mbone mailing lists.

For those of you who are planning to watch the live broadcast of the JASON VI Expedition to Hawai'i on the MBONE tomorrow at 1300 EST (1800 UTC) we would really like to know who our audience is and where you are watching from. To do this, we have put together an interactive locator map that allows you to enter your location and have it added to a world map showing all the sites participating in the MBONE event. The locator map is available on the World Wide Web at the following URL:


Please enter your locations anytime between now and the end of the broadcast tomorrow to be included.

Thanks very much and hope you can join us tomorrow.

Gene Feldman and Norman Kuring
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Todd Viola
JASON Foundation for Education

Madelyn Smith
Tricom Associates

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