Production Journal: Dec. 5, 1994

At the top of each show we will show a number of screen scramblers and multiple choice questions to get everyone in the mood. Screen scramblers? You know, anagrams of words shown on the screen, commonplace in movie theaters. Jason scrambled into Nosja, or my favorite, Bob's name transformed to Lablard. Get it? So I thought, as long as people are working on the curriculum, some of the more twisted among you might want to submit entries for these pre-show goodies. Send your suggestions by fax to Tom Newman at 212-715-1556 or by e-mail to Gene ( for forwarding to me or directly to me at I'd like to have a couple hundred of these by the first of the year.

I'm also interested in hearing from anyone following this occasional diary who might have a particular question or want to know more about something.

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