Production Journal: December 8, 1994

The geology and astronomy portions of the program are fairly consistent from day to day, barring some unforeseen event or discovery (we can hope). But the biology section has been fated from the start to be harder to structure and produce. One of the variables is the turnover in scientific staff; the first week we will have Ken Kaneshiro and the second week Rosie Gillespie, with Cheryl Tarr as the consistent element. Ken and Rosie deal with different organisms, although with related theories and approaches. Still, how we have a spider expert discuss flies, or if we do, is still a nagging question in this writer's mind. Cheryl's specialty is DNA analysis (we assume she will not be called to testify in some court proceeding during the program). The problem is that she works in a lab, not in the field, at least primarily. So we need to set up a lab for her, and we can't add another location. So her lab has to be out in the lava field with the other biologists. Such is the force of this logic that we actually are trying to figure out how to accomplish such an outrageous goal. My thinking is that we treat it like a cooking show, with pieces of the work already done. She will perform certain steps, then show us the end point of that step, set it aside, and perform another step on a separate sample, and so on. The argonauts should also be involved. We will figure it out.

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