Production Journal: December 12, 1994

Travel plans for the crew are being quickly finalized. Set up for this expedition is considerably less complex than last year, when every ton of equipment had to be brought from the US and carried on men's backs into the rainforest, after surviving some of the worst roads in the Americas. This year the road is paved until the point where the lava has overflowed it. some of the equipment resides in Hawaii and only has to be brought from another island, which is not as big a deal as you might think. But most of the people have to be transported and a great deal of the equipment as well. It may not be the jungle but it is a tangled logistical thicket.

Security at the site is being taken care of; we will have a lot of expensive gear with not much restriction on access. Not to mention the Marsakhod ROV. The Marsakhod, by the way, will be in Hawaii working for NASA for a week or so before Jason. NASA is testing it in Mars-like terrain. No place better than around the volcanoes.

Housing and accommodations are also being handled by people who are happy we are not out in the middle of the rainforest, I imagine. We are staying in the small town of Volcano near the summit of Kilauea, in an assortment of lodges and houses. It is about a 40 minute drive from there to the Kamoamoa site by the ocean. There will be some turnover, in that some people are coming to set up but not staying for the program itself, while the schedules for arrivals of crew is slightly staggered to bring in people at the time they are needed.

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