Production Journal: Nov. 5, 1994

One of the things we can do ahead of time is to prepare all the taped segments, or "roll-ins" which are used to illustrate things the live camera just can't capture as well. Among these are graphics that are being made for us. The production of these images is as spread out as anything else in Jason. Some (especially Volcano cutaways) are being worked on by a specially-assembled team of visual artists at the Maui High Performance Computing Center. Gene Feldman at NASA Goddard, who was on the Belize expedition last year, working with Dave Pape, also from NASA Goddard, did all the live computer rendering of the cave and temple during the broadcast, is this year pouring their creative efforts into a sensational flyover of the Hawaiian Island archipelago. There are other images the Ruder-Finn Design Department is developing. Also, we have found some existing sources but we do not yet know if we will be able to get the rights to all of these; the Smithsonian has said we can use their diagrams of the hot spot, but there are other sources we are just starting to talk to for other images.

Other taped materials include scenes of various volcanoes erupting; DNA testing in the laboratory at the National Zoo; the undersea volcano Loihi; and volcanoes on other planets. Some of these we have shot already, others we are getting. One scene we will tape in Hawaii ahead of time is the Hawaiian storyteller. It is a tribute to the good will Jason can generate that some of the most respected storytellers in Hawaii have come forward to help us. We are very pleased to have this sign of support from the Hawaiian community. More on that later.

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