By the year 2000...

The JASON Foundation for Education's mission will have reached 100% awareness among scientists, educators, and students throughout the United States and all participating JASON host countries.

"JASON" will have become synonymous with EXCELLENCE in the educational arena.

EXCELLENCE in the application of leading edge interactive telecommunications technology to education; JASON will be best known for its unique capability to excite, engage and motivate students and their teachers through the process of live, interactive discovery.

EXCELLENCE in the preparation of teachers and students for the achievement of world class performance in science and technology; JASON will produce superior curriculum and associated teacher training programs that integrate multi-disciplinary fields of study that meet or exceed National Education Standards.

EXCELLENCE in stimulating the life long pursuit of discovery; JASON will fully leverage its intellectual property, as well as its interactive telecommunications network, to maximize the effectiveness of the JASON discovery experience. JASON "learning tools" will further engage and empower students and teachers by expanding their availability through interactive CD ROM, educational video games, and preschool learning materials. The JASON Foundation for Education will be positioned to authorize the development of JASON "learning modules" to promote ongoing ecotourism, advanced research learning and general discovery experiences. "JASON" will have established clear recognition as a powerful name in the field of education and 'edutainment'.

The JASON Foundation for Education will have become a broadly accepted and recognized body for promoting excellence through recognizing outstanding science and technology teaching programs; rewarding superior individual performance of "JASON Scholars" selected from the ranks of both students and teachers; and awarding "Distinguished Service Medals of Achievement" to corporations, teaching institutions, government agencies, and individuals who have served as role models in the advancement of the quest for Excellence in Education.

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