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Special Thanks

The JASON Foundation for Education gratefully acknowledges the growing list of corporate sponsors who have generously agreed to provide financial and human resource support. The best and most convincing way for all of JFE to say thank you is to demonstrate appreciation by personally and institutionally supporting the products and services of JASON Project preferred business partners.

JFE National Corporate Sponsors


National Geographic Society


Bechtel Foundation

Sun Microsystems Computer Company

Eastman Kodak Company

JFE Advisory Committee Sponsors

The Williams Companies, Inc.

J. Walter Thompson / JWT Direct

JASON VII Argonaut Sponsors

ABC In Concert

Bethlehem Steel

British Airways

Continental Airlines

Corporate Advertising Specialties

Clark Laboratories, Inc.

EDS - Lehigh Valley

J. Walter Thompson

Mack Trucks




The Sutherland Group, Ltd.


JASON VII Expedition Sponsors

Tektronix, Inc.

State of Florida Department of Education

State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

United States Navy

United States Department of Education

Rainbow Line

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