Dr Rosemary Gillespie

In 1992, Dr. Rosemary Gillespie joined the faculty of the University of Hawaii. She is a Professor of Zoology and a Faculty Researcher in the Department of Zoology and Hawaiian Biology. Dr. Gillespie's special area of interest is Behavioral Ecology which means she studies animal behavior in the field; animal morphology and animal genealogy. Her current research focuses on studying Happy Faced Spiders (Doryonychua).

Her focus during this year's JASON expedition as a Host researcher is to examine how Hawaii has been colonized by a few species of animals which have adapted into ecological niches. She will work primarily with a certain species of spider to see how it has encountered opportunities (in unfilled niches) and the available resources to take over most niches to the point of invasion. Dr. Gillespie grew up in Scotland and has lived the past several years in Hawaii compiling over 4000 hours working in the field.

Dr. Gillespie is requesting the assistance of students with her research through the Spiders of the World interactive exercise.

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