Making Digital Artwork

There are several ways to create a digital picture. You may not have access to any of these in your classroom, but they are becoming very common in computer centers, publishing and increasingly, in education. Check the computer resources of your school, a technology resources center in your district, or a local business (such as electronic publishing or Internet access) for help.
Digital camera
Works like a regular camera, but it produces a picture as a file that you can store on your computer.
This is a device that looks like a small photocopier or fax machine that converts an image from a piece of paper into a digital image.
Paint program
You can use graphics software on your computer to create your artwork. No paper involved.
Whichever method you use, you need to save your artwork as a GIF file, which is one of the standard graphics file formats used on the Internet. Once you have created your digital artwork, you can send it to us using FTP or e-mail.

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