In Search of Giant Squid

Reaching as much as 60 feet or more in length, Architeuthis - the giant squid, this awesome dweller of the seas has spawned fear and tales of terror for centuries. The mere mention of the giant squid evokes a spine chilling picture. The squid has eight powerful arms, eyes the size of a human head, two fire hose sized tentacles covered with barbed suckers used to snatch its prey, and a parrot-like beak.

Despite its reputation, the giant squid has never been observed alive in its natural habitat. So little is known about Architeuthis that scientists recognize it as one of the last great mysteries of the deep. In fact, its probable habitat was deduced just last year. It is this lack of understanding and knowledge that has encouraged the stories of a blood thirsty monster lurking below the surface waiting to attack an unsuspecting ship. Yet, scientists believe these stories are myths created to explain the unknown.

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