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The following sets of clues should lead you to an object or subject in the Ocean Planet exhibition. To check your answers, click on the word Answer after each set of clues, or find the corresponding number in the answer key at the bottom of this page.

constantly on the move
affected by the earth's rotation, wind, salinity, heat, and bottom topography
influences climate
Answer (6)

tossed from a cargo ship in May 1990 have been washing ashore swap meets held to find matched pairs
Answer (2)

absorbed by plants as wavelengths of light used to show productive areas of the ocean used by satellites to create images of the ocean
Answer (1)

named for the Christ Child occurs every two to seven years can cause drought and brushfire in Australia while causing floods in California
Answer (7)

constructed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution can carry three people to the deep sea used to locate the wreck of the HMS Titanic
Answer (3)

decorated by divers and attached to the outside of a research sub shrinks as intense pressure squeezes out air pockets holds hot drinks
Answer (8)

located off the coast of New Guinea found at 35,802 ft, the deepest place on earth pressure is over 8 tons per square inch
Answer (4)

wood frame covered with walrus or sea lion skin used to hunt marine animals in the open sea light, flexible, and fast
Answer (9)

marks a lobsterman's territories tied to traps color code
Answer (5)

ship's "eyes" can be in the form of people, animals, or mythical beings decorates the bow of a ship
Answer (10)

used in the Marshall Islands shows islands and wave patterns used to teach basic navigation
Answer (11)

kissing the first sockeye salmon caught each season for good luck putting turtle blood on a canoe to honor prey wearing or taking charms along on a trip for luck
Answer (16)

worn by women of some countries to help breast milk flow more freely males incubate their young used to cure cancer in ancient Greece
Answer (12)

used to study ocean floor sediments used to provide evidence of changes in sea level due to ice ages can be used to show the most complete geologic record of the past 200 million years
Answer (17)

similar in structure to bone skeletons can create islands bony skeleton of tiny animals
Answer (13)

have the largest single nerve cell used to study how nerve impulses travel used to answer questions about Alzheimer's disease
Answer (18)

can grow over 10 feet long live in sulfurous hot water spewing from sea floor cracks rely on bacteria living in their body tissue for energy
Answer (14)

used to make peanut butter found in the sugars of red algae safeguards spreadability, stops oil separation
Answer (19)

per gallon, gets better gas mileage than trucks most important economic use of the oceans moves along specific "lanes"
Answer (15)

composed mostly of manganese potentially valuable mining product found on the bottom of ocean basins
Answer (20)

originated in Europe stowaway in ballast water presently a major pest in the Great Lakes and other North American waters
Answer (21)

commercially important fish status in the ocean is depleted sold in Japanese fish markets for tens of thousands of dollars
Answer (26)

nurture young fish and shellfish control erosion and water quality grows on muddy shores in the tropics
Answer (22)

half live within 60 miles of a coastline expected to reach 8 billion by the year 2020 displaces wildlife, puts great demand on the land
Answer (27)

could result in more and stronger hurricanes coral reefs would die back in some places, and have new growth in other places sea level would rise flooding coastlines
Answer (23)

keep books track local, state, and federal regulations fish processors, marketers, and business managers
Answer (28)

causes of death of many fish, birds, turtles, and marine mammals looks like food to marine organisms, but blocks their digestive tracks can float for years
Answer (24)

Americans consumed 2.5 pounds per person in 1993 caught in fixed nets and trawls eat algae, detritus, and microorganisms
Answer (29)

reminds people that discards can harm bodies of water locally and far away way of protecting watersheds found along roadways
Answer (25)

world's fastest growing industry can include water sports, cruise ship travel, and ocean-based travel benefits other industries such as transportation, lodging, restaurants, retail stores, and construction
Answer (30)

Answer Key

1. color 2. Nike shoes 3. ALVIN Submersible 4. Mariana Trench 5. buoys 6. currents 7. El Nio 8. polystyrene cup 9. Arctic kayak 10. carved figurehead 11. navigation stick chart 12. seahorse 13. coral 14. vent tube worm 15. shipping 16. fishing rituals 17. core drilling 18. squid 19. carrageenan 20. metallic nodule 21. zebra mussel 22. mangrove 23. global warming 24. balloon 25. storm drain stencil 26. bluefin tuna 27. population/humans 28. fishermen's wives 29. shrimp 30. tourism

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