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Sample "Introduction"

Here is a sample electronic mail message to show you what your Introduction message might look like. You will notice that this message combines a number of pieces of data, in the form of a list, as well as descriptive information written in paragraph form.

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 12:20:10 -0500
Subject: Aquatic Field Study Introduction

Name of School: Smithville Elementary School
Location: Smithville, Maryland, USA
Latitude and Longitude location of school: 3910N 7645W
Team Name: The Room 211 Crew
Grade Level: 6
Telepresence Site: NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
Type of Aquatic Area: River

Name of Body of Water: Jones River
Latitude and Longitude location of body of water: 3912N 7643W

Hi everyone!  We are the student's in Mrs. Clark's science class
in Room 211 at the Smithville Elementary School.  We call our
research team the Room 211 Crew.  For our JASON Project Water
Study Investigation, we are studying the Jones River, which is
located near our school. We are accessing the Internet using an
IBM PC computer and modem in our school library. We use
electronic mail to communicate with other students on JASON
Online Systems.  We also use the JASON gopher.

Jones river has always been important for commerce between
Smithville and Baltimore.

Local laws prohibit people from dumping garbage and other waste
materials in the river. In our interview with the mayor of
Smithville, she told us that she would like even tougher laws to
protect the river from pollution.

Plan for collaboration
During our field work, we will measure Air Temperature, Water
pH Level, Turbidity, and Salinity. If the river isn't completely
frozen over, we will also measure Current Speed and Dissolved
Oxygen, and do the Invertebrate count. We will be taking
measurements and posting data online once per week.

Please write back. We'd love to collaborate with other classes
who are studying rivers!

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