Expedition Journal

April 12, 1996
The Long Trip

Awaking I realized I was definently going to miss my 6:45 am flight from Boston to Miami. I arrived at the airport and was scheduled for stand-by on a 9:00 direct flight. And yet that didn't work out either and I was scheduled for another flight, this time from Boston to New York and then to Miami! When I finally arrived into Miami Airport after 9 hours, I was greatly relieved to have a JASON representative waiting at my gate. I was sooo exited when I arrived in Florida after such a tense trip. From the time I was greeted by the friendly Argonauts, Teacher Argonauts, and crew, I knew I was going to have a wonderful time.

The evening continued to improve as we got our hotel rooms. That night at dinner, we Students Argonauts talked face to face for the first time. It was cool to meet the other argonauts and really have a fun time telling about where we each were from.

Justin Desrosiers

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