April Expedition Journal

April 15 - 26, 1996

Welcome to the April Expedition!

Student Argonauts with Bob BallardThe expedition team includes Student and Teacher Argonauts, scientists, engineers, and production crew. The science team is divided into four principal groups who are studying sharks, corals, fish, shelf science. In addition, throughout the course of the expedition, students will be involved in mapping a shipwreck at one of our offshore research locations.You can follow the adventure through a variety of expedition programs, including the online journal, live expedition broadcasts, and internet chats.

Expedition Scrapbook

Take a look at the ever growing JASON VII Expedition Scrapbook

Daily Journals

Throughout the expedition, check out the online Ship's Log, kept by Mike Durbin and Bobby Webb, EDS telecommunications engineers.

Saturday, April 6

Arrival at Key JASON

Sunday, April 7

The EDS Satellite truck arrives at Key JASON

Wednesday, April 10

A Dive on the NR-1

Thursday, April 11

Putting the pieces together

Friday, April 12

Argonauts survive the long trip!

Meeting in Miami

The first day on the reef

Saturday, April 13

Mi primer dia en la expedicion
(Daniela's first day on the expedition)

A first glimpse of the AQUARIUS

Monday, April 15

The First Day of Broadcasts

A busy few days

Shark Hunting on the Fantastic II

Tuesday, April 16

Tagging the Shark

Wednesday, April 17

A Day at Key JASON

Thursday, April 18, 1996

Take a closer look at Key JASON

A tour of the Carolyn Choest

Friday, April 19, 1996

Diving Argonauts

The Scoop on the Steel Reef

An Incredible Week

Week Two Argonauts Arrive

Sunday, April 21

Hello, out there!

Being a Coral Diver

Fantastic Day

Monday, April 22

From Gloucester to Key JASON

Tuesday, April 23

On the Trail of Bob and Martha

Wednesday, April 24, 1996

Greetings to JASON from the Russian Space Station Mir


Rainbow Line

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