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April 21, 1996
Hello, out there!

Well, I just arrived in this wonderfully sunny place -- I came on Friday afternoon. It was quite an overwhelming experience! So many people runnin' around, so much technical stuff to see and hear about, and so much water! (suprising, huh?)

I suppose you'all want to hear about all of the incredible science that is happening down here -- and there's tons of it! Yesterday I went out early in the morning on the shark tracking boat. On the boat we were tracking two sharks that were caught by Randy and Charlie, the shark scientists, earlier in the week. Their names were Bob and Martha. (Cute!)

It was really interesting that these sharks stayed in the same reef pretty much the whole while we were tracking them! It was super neat watching our new friends through the clear blue water! We also attempted to catch a few of these with HUGE rods but due to the sharks not being very hungry we didn't catch any!

But today was the one experience I know I'll never forget and that I hope you all get to do sometime in your lives! The entire fish/shark team went snorkeling on the Glecian Rock reef! We went out at about 1:00 this afternoon to count fish population in the reef. I was the fortunate one to be able to track the BARRACUDA!! They are the most amazing fish I've ever seen! They are frightening to look at, but oddly are not anywhere near dangerous. If you were a fish you might even have one for a friend! We found quite a few among the coral along with a lot of other very interesting looking fish -- parrotfish, trumpetfish, and butterfly fish. We're using the data that we gathered today to report to the scientists.

Well, that's about it for me right now -- I hope this gives you a good look at all the really fun things we're really doing down here in Florida. Stay tuned the rest of the week to the new things that come about. I'll be back!!

Kathi Jo Jankowski
Student Argonaut

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