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April 12, 1996
Meeting in Miami

My journey to Florida was quite uneventful. I flew a jet from Las Vegas to Houston, where I had about five minutes to get my lunch before catching my connecting flight to Miami. We were received at the Miami airport by a JASON representative who drove us to Key Largo, where we checked in at the hotel. I met my roomates: Todd, Justin, Willy, and Geoff. We met the rest of the Student and Teacher Argonauts during a late lunch and had a production briefing.

The next day we picked up our snorkel gear at Ocean Divers and were skin-diver certified at the hotel pool. I was later assigned to interactivity, where I toured Key JASON, the site of the production trailers and equipment for the broadcast. We were also briefed of the current findings of the NR-1 and status of each of the studies. I also worked with the producer to put together some video clips of the control tower and of the production trailer. During the afternoon, I toured the Magic, the diving boat for the coral study. Finally, we had dinner where I met some of the previous inhabitants of Aquarius.

I look forward to the upcoming events. I have a rehearsal on the Carolyn Chouest for a good part of tomorrow. I wonder what will be next...

Manish Kumar

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