Greetings from Space Station Mir

April 24, 1996

At 9:10 this morning, NASA astronaut Dr. Shannon Lucid and her crewmates, Commander Yuri Onufrienko and Flight Engineer Yuri Usachev onboard the Russian Space Station Mir sent a special greeting to all the scientists and students working with the JASON Project.

They are orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 240 statute miles (384 km).

Aboard the Mir, the work this week for Lucid and her colleagues has been varied, ranging from the melting of metals in a furnace on board to better understand the effect of microgravity on materials processing, to the collection of blood samples as part of the complement of life sciences experiments on the Mir. Lucid has also studied ocean currents around Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Islands in South America from orbit.

Listen to Dr. Lucid's greeting to the JASON Project (262Kbytes)

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