Expedition Journal

April 19, 1996
Diving Argonauts

Today was another great day of live broadcasts. We woke up extra early to attend a live chat session where Leigh-Anne, Jude, and I (Geoff) answered questions and chated with people live on the Internet. Then we transfered out to the MSB (Mobile Suport Base for the Aquarius Habitat) Then we (Jude, Leigh-Anne, and I) split up to go do are jobs. The AQUARIUS is located at Conch Reef which has a variety of fish and coral. We did an experiment for the broadcasts to see what would happen to different things if we sent them down in a pressure pot. We also took coral light readings with a high-tech instrument that measures light. We have been doing many experiments to determine what factors play a part in coral growth and feeding. Much of what is being discovered here is totaly new information. This area of science is still wide open and undiscovered. Also, on our dives, after we take our measurements we have been conducting fish counts which have shown interesting paterns. Well, this is just a glimpse of what we have been doing. Bye for now........

Geoff Szymanski
Coral Team

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