JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea

The Aquarius Undersea Laboratory

NOAA's National Undersea Research Program presently supports the only operational undersea habitat for scientific research in the world. The Aquarius habitat operated by the NURC-UNCW center represents a major advancement in facilities for scientific saturation diving by providing enhanced scientific capabilities in a comfortable living environment. Six personnel (five scientists and one staff technician) are accommodated for scientific missions averaging 7 days at an operating depth of 17-37 m (55-120 ft) with excursions to 46 m (150 ft). The Aquarius is deployed at Conch Reef off Key Largo, Florida.

Inquiries regarding use of Aquarius should be directed to the National Undersea Research Center - University of North Carolina at Wilmington. To learn more about the Aquarius, take a look at the AQUARIUS Users Manual or Fact Sheet.

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Some of the video clips and images of Aquarius have been provided by Mellie Lewis. You can read about Mellie's most memorable dive.

Learn more about how the AQUARIUS will be used during JASON VII

Principle Characteristics

Length overall                          43 feet 
Width					13 feet
Height					16.5 feet


Rainbow Line

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