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January 21, 1996

Today we got a tour of KML, Keys Marine Labs. We saw these animals with neat shells called conch. These beautiful shells are in danger of dying off. They are a tasty treat for fish and collectors alike!! By growing them in controlled areas, the KML is helping to save this unique animal. KML also houses nurse sharks. Some of the scientists are studying their blood by regularly taking blood samples through the tail. On Thursday, some of us might help them in taking these samples.

Thanks to Larry Heiskell, the instructor who taught our snorkeling class, we are all now certified skin divers!!!!! Throughout the week, we will use our new skill to look at many marine animals, including corals, fish, and lobsters.

We are all looking forward to our numerous orientations about our expeditions. The Florida Bay team is having one tonight, and the crocodile team is learning more about their duties tomorrow. With minimal sleep we will all be functioning ... O.K. Anyway, we'll stay in touch! Hope you guys are having as much fun reading as we are experiencing!

Kristy Holland & Amanda Chuk
JASON Project Argonaut

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