January Expedition Journal

January 20 - 27, 1996

Welcome to the January Expedition!

We are studying organisms that inhabit various shallow water habitats in Florida Bay and the Everglades. A team led by John Hunt will study several organisms that inhabit Florida Bay while Dr. Frank Mazzotti and Laura Brandt will investigate the ecology of the American crocodiles. Additional background information is available in the JASON VII Curriculum.

The expedition team includes Student and Teacher Argonauts, scientists, production crew, and members of the JASON Foundation Staff. Our base of operations is the Keys Marine Laboratory (KML) in Long Key, Florida. We have an ambitious research plan, involving field work, lab work, and data analysis. You'll be able to follow our activities as we post daily journals to the JASON Student Discussion Group and the JASON Project homepage.

Wednesday, January 17

We are packing our gear and heading for the expedition site

Friday, January 19

We've arrived and we're setting up
Keys Marine Laboratory welcomes Dr. Ballard and JASON

Saturday, January 20

The Argonauts are here!

Sunday, January 21

Morning brings a tour of KML, orientation, and snorkeling lessons
Jim figures out how to climb steps wearing flippers
Argonauts try their new snorkeling skills
The watchful eye of the Production Crew
An afternoon of production, coconuts, and critters

Monday, January 22

The Florida Bay team heads into the field
A day in the life of JASONville
Our work takes us from the field to the lab
The team spends the day learning about crocodiles

Tuesday, January 23

Meet some of the crew
Scientists and Agonauts make maps using data from aerial surveys
Go hunting for crocodiles at night!

Wednesday, January 24

Meet the Florida Bay Research Team
Our completed water color map
We embarked on the Great Lobster Hunt
The croc hunt continues

Thursday, January 25

The Florida Bay team learns about fish
Tonight was our last crocodile hunt

Friday, January 26

The croc team created a map depicting their routes and data
Both teams participate in the conch program
We concluded with a farewell barbecue and poem
Check out the Argonauts' mailbox

Saturday, January 27

Expedition Scrapbook
Special Thanks


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