Expedition Journal

January 22, 1996
Life at JASONville

We're getting ready for our first day in the field. Yesterday, we got certified as skin divers. It was great! Florida is so warm unlike home.Yesterday all the scientists came and gave us our orientation. Tonight we're getting ready for the crocodile hunt. Bob Ballard is coming on the hunt with us tonight.

This morning, in our free time, we explored the place where we are staying, Keys Marine Laboratory (KML for short). They have a lot of cool tanks with different animals in them. The best one is the one with 8 or 9 nurse sharks. There are also little islands in the middle of the pools that we can walk out on to. We are sure having a lot of fun here in JASONville; we wish we could stay here forever.
The weather and food here are wonderful. It's been sunny and warm, however, the wind is a problem. It started getting windy last night and delayed the Florida Bay team going out to sea this morning. We also had trouble playing Frisbee today. The cook, Gwen, makes the best garlic bread! All of our meals have been delicious.

Last night we saw, first hand, the production aspect of this project. The whole crew had set up in the dry lab to film the Argonauts working with the Internet. They had so many variables to work with, from the color of the lights to the angles of the camera. It took around two hours to tape ten minutes of film. It was interesting.

Last night a bunch of us were sitting on the observation deck. The stars above us were so beautiful. We saw the Dippers. The water looked really pretty with the black sky and the stars shining in it.

Even though it is really warm, the wind can feel really cool. So all the Argonauts wear the red windbreakers that we got for the Project. When we are all wearing them, we are not only easy to spot, but we also look like we're together.

Danielle Nettesheim, Emily Hudson &
Becky Somers
JASON Student Argonauts
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