Expedition Journal

January 26, 1996
Farewell Poem

The Florida Bay Team wrote this poem for the farewell barbecue.
We came from all over this country of ours,
to study the Florida Bay.
"You'll work hard and long, and have no fun."
At least, that's what they'd say.

We made our trip, unpacked our bags.
We worked hard, but had fun too.
You welcomed us with open arms;
For a week, we were one of you.

Some of us got sunburned;
Some of us got tan.
All of us got e-mail;
And some of us hit land!

The water samples, really fun!
The really cool part was
the secchi disk and Hydrolab,
and all that motor buzz.

Holding up the survey lines
will make your arm real sore.
Watch out for all the stingers of
the Portugese man-of-war!

The lab was quite amazing;
those little chloroplasts,
they'd light up half the world;
if you'd give them half a chance!

The mapping system, what a blast!
Who would have ever known
the small pink line that curls around
will show where we have flown?

Lobsters, grunts, and slimy things
we've almost seen it all.
What? and Why? and Who? and How?
while looking through the trawl.

We went on boats day in and day out.
The waves tossed us to and fro.
With little sleep, and just one lunch,
we weren't always on the go!

About Todd there is a lot to say.
A computer genius, that's true;
but when his computer was on the fritz,
he briefly knew not what to do!

The one to whom we all owe thanks,
Crissy, what a doll!
"But, we're really not that sleepy!
And, if we were, we'd surly call!"

To everyone, we owe so much
for this great opportunity.
We learned the place and importance of
all the creatures of the sea!

- Kristy Holland & Amanda Chuk

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