Interdisciplinary Art Experiences

The JASON Project invites you to become an Artist-Observer! Choose , with your teacher and classmates, one of the class art projects in this Investigation to record observations that you make during JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea. Here are the choices:

1. Build a south Florida mural. Use tools such as watercolors, tempera, colored pencils, and paper to create the plants and animals of southern Florida. Put them in the habitat of the Everglades, the reef, or the shoreline to tell the story of that area.

2. Create a JASON Quilt, using tools such as cloth and permanent markers to make quilt squares and then share with your classmates or swap them with students from other areas whom you've contacted over the Internet.

3. Design a map of your local aquatic site or southern Florida, using black markers and parchment as your tools. Decorate your map using images of old Florida, the JASON Project, or your school to give it whatever special meaning you wish.


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