Greetings from Key JASON

by gene carl feldman

Saturday April 6, 1996 8:45 PM

You are looking at the heart of Key JASON. This is the 80 foot tower that will carry the video, audio and data signals back and forth between Key JASON where the production team, interactivity trailer and satellite uplink antenna are located and the Aquarius and Carolyn Chouest which are located several miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

I arrived at Key JASON late this afternoon and found myself in the middle of a whirlwind of activity. Cables were being run, computers were being connected and tested, and video production facilities were being uncrated and installed in the production van. While all this was happening, a watchful eye was being kept on the sky which has been threatening rain all afternoon. So far, we have been lucky and the clouds have just brought a relief from the blazing sun in the form of shade...not rain.

It was nice to see some of the people I have experienced JASON Expeditions with in the past and am looking forward to working with them again over the next few days as Key JASON really comes alive. Mike Durbin arrives tomorrow along with much of the specialized electronics that make the JASON broadcasts possible.

Jerry Wellington, known affectionately to JASON participants as Dr. Bubblehead because of his use of a unique underwater bubble helmet during the JASON III (Galapagos) and JASON V (Belize) Expeditions was just getting back from the Aquarius support barge as I arrived.

Key JASON is located just down the road from the African Queen...the actual boat that was used in the Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn movie. It looks a bit forelorn sitting all by itself, surrounded by modern yachts made of fiberglass and steel, but they don't hold a candle to the character and history soaked into every plank of the Queen.

Well, I will sign off for now and try and find someplace to have some dinner. Look for more entries and photos each day as I try and share with you my experiences here in Key JASON.

Best regards,

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