The Volcanoes of Io

An interactive exercise enlisting students

In addition to learning about Kilauea volcano in Hawai'i, students will also learn how Dr. John Spencer views volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io. During the broadcast, students will see digital pictures of Io from the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. These pictures, produced by a camera behind the telescope, will be sent by the Internet to the broadcast site. Watching Io's brightness change as it rotates will tell us where the volcanoes are. The brightness values will be included with the pictures so that students can create a "map" of volcanic activity on Io when they return to the classroom.

Paul Varsho, one of the Teacher Argonauts has sent a message to the jason-teach discussion group explaining in more detail how to use the Io Light Curve data provided by Dr. John Spencer. You can read his explanation by clicking here and get the most current lightcurve data from Dr. Spencer.

Dr. Spencer's exercise will be carried out in two parts:

    The off-line exercise where students access the data on the brightness of Io all around its orbit, gathered over a week or so, in order to determine where the volcanos on Io are.


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