The JASON Quilt Patch Exchange is underway, and classes are beginning to share artwork via snail mail. For those who want to take the quilt activity even farther, we offer the "Electronic Quilt," an opportunity for students to display their quilt artwork or class picture on the JASON Project homepage. Students are welcome to send artwork using the Internet. Artwork must be digitized and saved as a computer file, then sent using FTP or e-mail. Sorry, no snail mail submissions can be accepted.

Quilt Squares submitted via the Internet by students as part of the JASON VII Quilt Exercise and stitched together electonically to produce an online patchwork quilt. In addition to the Patchwork quilt, we have created a series of photo quilts made from images of student-designed shark targets and photographs taken during the JASON Project expeditions. Each quilt is created by selecting a number of images at random and then stitching them together on your screen. The total number of images available for display is shown beneath the quilt and you can generate a new one by clicking on the "Make a new quilt" button. You can download any of the quilt squares at full resolution just by clicking on it.
Have fun

JASON VII Patchwork Quilt - Still growing

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JASON VII Shark Target Gallery

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Expedition Scrapbooks

JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea
January & April 1996

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JASON VI: Island Earth
February 1995

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JASON V: Planet Earth
February 1994

Rainbow Line

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