JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea

The NR- 1 Submarine

All the photographs that were taken onboard the NR-1 were made possible by a remarkable digital camera (Kodak DCS 420) that was most graciously lent to me by the good folks at Kodak in cooperation with the editors of Popular Science Magazine.

In addition to the camera, I took my Macintosh Powerbook 5300 down with me on the dive. As I finished shooting a series of photographs, I would pop the storage card out of the camera, slide it into my laptop and preview the images with the crew. This actually came in very handy as it allowed me to adjust the shutter and aperture settings to make sure that I was getting the best exposures given the very difficult lighting conditions and tight viewing angles.

Although the NR-1 is more publically available than ever before, there were still a few features of the submarine that for one reason or another, were not intended to be photographed. In reviewing the photographs with Cdr. Olivier while sitting on the bottom of the sea, we were able to identify those photographs, and with a simple click of the delete button, sent them into Davy Jones' locker.

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