Educational Materials
to be used in conjunction with secondary school visits to
the Smithsonian Institution's
Ocean Planet Exhibition

These units were prepared with the goal of making the Ocean Planet exhibition more accessible to teachers and students, grades 6 through 12. Pre-visit activities provide orientation and background, exhibit visit materials focus on interpretational strategies, and post-visit materials integrate the experience into the existing curricula. These units should be easy to integrate into existing educational programs, adaptable for use by a variety of disciplines, and require minimal preparation by teachers.

Contents: (more activities to be added)

Pre-Visit Activities Exhibition Visit Activities Post-Visit Activities Prepared by:
Beth Jewell, Oceanography Teacher
Fairfax County Schools, August, 1995

Ocean Planet Exhibition Floorplan

gene carl feldman ( (301) 286-9428
Judith Gradwohl, Smithsonian Institution (Curator/Ocean Planet)