HOW DEEP can they go?

RMS Titanic's Final Resting Place
12,500 ft (3810 m)

Painting above © Jim Clary
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In 1985, Dr. Robert Ballard led a team of researchers in a joint French-American expedition and found the final resting place of the R.M.S. Titanic. He and his colleagues returned one year later with the DSV Alvin and a specially designed robot, the Jason Jr., to explore the ship.

Titanic-related Web Sites and Information

  1. The Titanic: Encyclopedia Smithsonian
  2. Titanic's Lost Sister - NOVA online
  3. R.M.S. Titanic; international maritime memorial; findings and purposes - Congressional findings and recommendations
  4. Exploring the Titanic - Legendary liner resurfaces as cultural icon from MSNBC
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  8. In Memoriam: RMS Titanic
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  23. The Titanic Information Site - a very comprehensive and well organized site.

Titanic-related Organizations

  1. Join the Titanic Discussion group
  2. The Titanic Historical Society (THS)
  3. The Titanic Society of South Africa contains sample newsletter articles and links
  4. Ulster Titanic Society including a unique account from a Titanic witness who has never before been heard on the Internet.

Student Sites about the Titanic

  1. The Titanic Sinks into the Internet - WWW page by Rohan McCarthy from Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
  2. The Titanic in the classroom from the Department for Education and Children's Services (Australia)
  3. The Titanic: Student Investigations also from the Department for Education and Children's Services (Australia)
  4. The Titanic in the classroom - more from DECS Australia
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  6. Titanic Buff's Homepage
  7. Titanic and her Sisters - a great site with easy to follow topics

Newspaper and Magazine Accounts

  1. R.M.S. Titanic - 83 Years later - An online exhibit highlighting the potential of newspapers as sources for historical and cultural research.
  2. Images of the Titanic From Maryland Newspapers
  3. `Owning' the Titanic - an article about the company, RMS Titanic Inc.
  4. Greek divers tell of finding Titanic's sunken sister
  5. Titanic exhibit just doesn't float

Art, Books, Film, Video, Music, Dance and Literature

  1. The Last True Story of Titanic by Jim Clary
  2. TITANIC - Women and Children First - a book commemorating the women and children involved in the tragedy by Judith B. Geller
  3. TITANIC IN 3-D MOVIE from the National Geographic Society
  4. Titanic in Dream & Legend - paintings and story by Peter Selgin from Urban Desires
  5. 1:40 a.m. Titanic Time, April 15 1912 and the R.M.S. Titanic (Miniature series) by marine artist Jim Clary
  6. A Treasury of Titanic Tales - an illustrated narrative of human interest stories from the Titanic
  7. Titanic - A New Musical - great site about the new Broadway musical plus many historical Titanic-related items.
  8. Titanic. Destination ...Cyberspace
  9. The Sinking of the Titanic a recording by Gavin Bryars
  10. Search the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database for all songs that contain the word Titanic.
  11. Words to yet another version of the Wreck of the Titanic
  12. Titanic - The second part of the trilogy created in 1992 for the first Biennial International Dance Festival by Frédéric Flamand
  13. Lifeboat - a short story that tells of the sinking of the Titanic by James W. Herndon
  14. What if they found a survivor of the Titanic? - a review of a play at TheatreWorks' Stage II
  15. Secrets of the Titanic, History's Greatest Shipwrecks Collection and Last Voyage of the Lusitania videos from National Geographic
  16. A Night To Remember - the movie
  17. Titanic (1997) - new movie by James Cameron.
  18. Titanic - the Movie Webisode with interviews and great background features about the movie.
  19. The Titanic - a nice painting
  20. The "Unsinkable" Titanic - a nice painting from a Canadian site
  21. RMS Titanic - a few pictures from New Zealand
  22. The sinking of the R.M.S.Titanic - a 3-D computer model
  23. The Titanic Tragedy - A recently re-released audiobook.
  24. Titanic: A Voyage of Discovery - a new interactive CD-ROM website
  25. Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas
  26. The Riddle of the Titanic An Astonishing Reassessment That Will Shock the World by Dan van der Vat and Robin Gardner
  27. Titanic...That Night, The Untold Story by Jim Clary
  28. Superstitions of the Sea by Jim Clary contains "startling new facts on the Titanic"

Museums, Organizations and Individuals Associated with the Titanic

  1. Dr. Robert D. Ballard
  2. Secrets of the Deep a lecture by Dr. Robert Ballard at the National Geographic Society - February 10, 1998
  3. The Deep Submergence Laboratory Homepage, and the Deep Submergence Operations Group at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  4. Photograph of Jason Jr.: Underwater ROV
  5. Harland and Wolff Technical Services Ltd. - the builder of the Titanic
  6. Homepage (unofficial) of the White Star Line (in German) and in english.
  7. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Museum contains artifacts from Titanic and some of the victims were buried in Halifax.
  8. The Marine Museum at Fall River - contains the twenty eight foot model of the Titanic used in the 1952 movie TITANIC.
  9. United States Coast Guard International Ice Patrol
  10. Michael E.Humphreys - apprentice baker meant to get on Titanic at Queenstown, Apr 1912, age 19 went off drinking, missed it!
  11. Titanic's Radio operators
  12. R.M.S. Titanic: Her Passengers and Crew - a wonderful site that stresses the human side of the Titanic story.

Titanic-related Artifacts, Memorabilia and Nostalgia

  1. The Titanic's Tender "Nomadic"
  2. RMS Titanic, inc.- includes information about the exhibitions and memorabilia.
  3. Titanic International- an organization dedicated to the research of ocean liners
  4. New Steamship Consultants - Ocean Liner Memorabilia Resources including pictures of some very Rare Titanic Memorabilia.
  5. Titanic - Ocean Liner Memorabilia
  6. The Titanic Rises in Hobart - spend a luxurious night in The Empire Suite of the Titanic on your next visit to Hobart, Tasmania.
  7. The morning sky that greeted the survivors of the Titanic. [800x600 - 11 Kbytes]
  8. Titanic Wreck Model Pictures
  9. Titanic Reproductions - brass uniform buttons for the captain and crew of the R.M.S. Titanic.

Titanic-links from other Titanic Websites

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  4. Links by Category

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