JASON VI: Island Earth

Expedition Broadcast on the Internet
Date: Thursday 9 March 1995
Time: 1300 EST (1800 UTC)

On Thursday 9 March 1995, people around the world were be able to participate in the JASON VI Expedition live via the Internet. A Press Release announcing the event was released and a newly-developed tool to help identify the participants in the MBONE broadcast was developed. You can get more information and see a set of example screens that will help familiarize you with the technology that was be used to make this possible.

Here is the segment of the show that discussed the MBONE broadcast:

Bob Ballard introducing the segment and Jeremy Brier
Student Argonaut Jeremy Brier describes the event
Jeremy Brier discusses the map of participating sites (actual map below)

Below are a set of real-time maps showing the distribution of sites that have indicated that they would be participating in the MBONE broadcast

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