Expedition Journal

April 15, 1996
The first day of broadcasts

Hi! Today was our first day of broadcasts. It was reallly fun. We started out our day by getting up at 5:45, because breakfast is at 6 o’clock. Then we got on the transfer boat. Which takes to the Carolyn Chouest to begin the broadcasts. I was really nervous for the first show but after that it wasn’t so bad. It was actually fun to talk to the camera. My job for the day was the NR-1 reporter. Which means I tell about what I did on the NR-1 the preveous day. They show a clip of video footage and I get to talk over it and tell what I did. That went really well. Tomorrow I will be in interactivity. The person in interactivity is the one who does the “News From The Net”.

On Saturday I was on the NR-1. It was really fun. I got to drive the submarine. It uses like a flight stick. To move it up and down and back and forth. After that I looked throught the viewing holes in the bottom of the boat (submarine). From the view ports the manipulator arm is controled. Later when we were on the bottom of the ocean I got to use the manipulator arm to pick up a piece of coral. I had a lot of fun.

The broadcasts were a lot of fun to do. Bob is really nice and a nice person to work with. I hope you guys enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed doing showing you.

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Kristin Cooper

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