Expedition Journal

April 15, 1996
A busy few days

I've been very busy since I arrived at Key JASON on Thursday. Friday we went out to the Carolyn Chouest. We toured the ship and found out what our role would be on the ship. On Saturday we returned to the Carolyn for dress rehearsals, which went very well. Today, Manish Kumar and I are on the shark tracking boat. We have been fishing for shark all day with no luck. We have caught some bonita, yellow fin, and amber jack fish today to use as bait for the shark. We also have learned a lot about sharks from Charlie Manire. He explained about their sensory systems and modes of reproduction along with other interesting facts.

We will soon be returning to Key JASON as our day on the ocean is about over. I taped some good video footage of our day to show my students when I return from the JASON Project. While I am on the topic of my students, I would like to say hello to the Lynx Team students and teachers at Conway Middle School in Orlando, Florida. I miss you! :>

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!

Sylvia Pakstis

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