The JASON Foundation for Education..............Vol.7 Winter/Spring 1996

Kodak Joins as National Corporate Sponsor

Eastman Kodak Company recently committed to support the JASON Project as a National Corporate Sponsor.

Kodak, previously a member of the JASON Foundation for Education Advisory Committee, will increase its involvement as a National Corporate Sponsor, gaining positions on both the JASON Foundation Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Carl E. Gustin, Jr., senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Kodak, will represent Kodak.

"The addition of Eastman Kodak to an already impressive group of National Corporate Sponsors provides the Foundation with an extremely strong base from which to launch its drive into the next century. Thanks to Kodak and others who have joined us, EDS, Bechtel Foundation, the National Geographic Society, Sprint and SUN Microsystems, we can look forward to accomplishing even more ambitious goals in the next few years," said Dr. Bob Ballard, founder and chair of the board of the JASON Foundation for Education.

Meet Argodile,

the new JASON Project VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea mascot.
This "clippee" is two and half inches tall, can attach to pens, pencils, shirts and other items, and features a vest with a JASON logo.

The name Argodile was nominated by the NASA Ames PIN site. For it's winning suggestion, NASA Ames will receive $100 of JASON Discovery Shop merchandise. Argodile and the bronze-colored JASON Project pencil its holding are both available from the JASON Discovery Shop. For a JASON Discovery Shop merchandise catalog, contact Linda Smith at 716/586-1730.

Quiri Joins JASON Project VII To Drive Marketing and Sales

The JASON Foundation is pleased to welcome the newest member of its team, Robert H. Quiri.

Quiri will specialize in driving marketing and sales and will focus on spreading the word about JASON across the state of Florida. He has extensive background in marketing and sales and was most recently Director of Marketing, Consumer Imaging Division, Southern Zone for Eastman Kodak. Quiri holds a degree in Business and Marketing from Alfred University.

"We are pleased and fortunate to have Bob join us in exciting and igniting the state of Florida for JASON VII. His talent and expertise in the field of marketing and sales will serve us well," said Peter Palermo, president and CEO of the JASON Foundation.

Quiri, his wife and their three sons live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Denver Museum Lets Students Exhibit

Each year, the Denver Museum of Natural History transforms students from museum visitor to exhibitor. Denver area schools who participate in the JASON Project are invited to set up an exhibit for the museum for display during the JASON Project broadcast dates.

Most of the work will be done in the classroom with guidance meetings at the museum. Each school designates a student liaison to facilitate communication between the school and the museum. Students set up the exhibits at school to get feedback from their peers and work out any last minute glitches. Then exhibits can be set up in the museum. Students clean, maintain, and repair the exhibits while on display at the Denver Museum of Natural History.

The student exhibits will be on display at the Denver Museum of Natural History April 15 through May 3, 1996.

"Island Earth" Wins Award

The JASON Foundation and last year's project producer, the Visual Technology Group of Ruder-Finn, received the Gold Summit Award from the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) for last year's expedition, JASON Project VI: Island Earth.

Judges at the IICS Summit competition considered the Project to be "a leading edge application of interactive media demonstrating what can happen when talented producers are guided by a strong educational mission and are informed by up-to-date methods of communication."

Producer/writer Tom Newman accepted the award on behalf of JASON's interactivity team: Visual Technology Group; NASA; McDonnell-Douglas; and, Williams Information Systems representatives.

New PIN in Indianapolis

The JASON Foundation is pleased to welcome the newest Primary Interactive Network Site, Southport High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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