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The 1994-95 Jason Project VI: Island Earth broadcasts will be produced by the Visual Technology Group of Ruder Finn. The Visual Technology Group, which specializes in scientific and educational programming, is the television production division of Ruder Finn, the nation's largest independently owned public relations firm. The Visual Technology Group (VTG), in addtion to producing last year's JASON Project broadcasts from the jungles of Belize (JASON V: Planet Earth), has produced news features for the American Institute of Physics on topics ranging from knuckleballs and nanotechnology to Antarctic expeditions and Colombian volcanoes. In 1991, VTG produced live coverage of the solar eclipse from the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula.

About the Production Journal
This page is intended to be a diary of the production of Jason VI: Island Earth. Your correspondent of the moment is Tom Newman. I am the Producer/Writer of the Program, which some might consider an oxymoron for a show that is live and spontaneous, and which seeks to use interactive technology not to create a "story" but rather to involve in a direct manner the audience, which is seen not just as the recipient of a program but as an active participant. Nevertheless, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that leads up to the program. I'll try to tell you about some of it.

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