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JASON VII: Adapting to a Changing Sea has several components, including this special offering of the JASON Classroom Network which will enable more students and teachers to participate than ever before. This year's Classroom Network is offered in cooperation with Distance Learning Associates, Inc. (DLA). Created in 1992, the DLA mission is to market, on an exclusive basis, the combined distance learning resources of several national educational distance learning networks. Through DLA, individual schools can subscribe to receive the JASON Classroom Network programs directly to their schools via satellite.

This year's JASON Classroom Network consists of six satellite broadcasts, available to schools on a subscription basis. In addition to the broadcast programming, each subscription includes one copy of the JASON VII curriculum. Students and teachers are invited to extend their participation in the JASON Project through the JASON Online Systems via the Internet.

DLA and the JASON Foundation for Education are working closely to provide the classroom network for schools already participating in the JASON Project. If you currently participate in the JASON Project through a Primary Interactive Network Site (PINS), contact your PINS coordinator about receiving the JASON Classroom Network.

If you are new to the JASON Project, and are interested in receiving the JASON Classroom Network for your school, contact Distance Learning Associates at 1-800-786-6614.

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