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April 13, 1996
A first glimpse of the AQUARIUS

Hi All,

Today is Saturday, and it seems like we have been here longer than two days.

Today has been the coolest day of all. After a pretty relaxed morning we, I and the two SCUBA agros, went on the boat out to the Aquarius support barge. We dove down to about 60 feet deep and swam over. The Aquarius appear out of a fog of zooplankton and baracuda.

It was so cool. Divers were working on the outside, cleaning off the windows and other key equipment. I felt like I was in a space movie where workers were floating around the space station working. It was very hard -- still is actually -- to convince my mind that what I was seeing and doing was taking place here on Planet Earth!

We swam under and around the Aqaurius and between the large, 4-5 foot long!, baracuda that live under the barge. We also got to go into the underwater Gazebo and dive bell and talk to each other in the bubbles of air. We also got go up into the wet porch area where the divers put on and take off their SCUBA gear. We talked to Chris Borne who was working inside. Very cool.

I also saw, and swam past the underwater camera that will be live on the Internet.

After about 20 minutes we swam back to the boat for a rest. Later we snorkeled over to the barge and had a tour. We saw everything, including the inside of the hyperbaric chamber.

Bye for today!
Ms. Kesl

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